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by | Jul 23, 2018

We are delighted to introduce Beyond EG. As a company, they are focused on the development of young people, adults, and families. Beyond EG are based in Egypt and provide their services throughout the Middle East. We caught up with the Beyond EG CEO, Mina Henein and asked him a few questions about the great work they are doing.

Tell us about you. How and when did your Firewalking career begin?

I am an ex-heroin addict and quit 8 years ago. My first experience Firewalking was with Firewalking International. I loved the experience and wanted to introduce it to the Egyptian market. It touched my soul and I felt so connected to inner myself. So much so, I quit my career as a Facility Manager and started my new journey – helping people get in touch with their personal power and quit any addictions they face. To compliment becoming a Firewalk Instructor, I became a certified life coach with the ICF. My mission is to Empower and Coach our people.

How long has Beyond EG been operational?

Beyond EG has been operational for 1 year and it’s been a great adventure!

Tell us more about Beyond EG? 

Beyond EG is a coaching company, empowering families in the Middle East through the powerful experiential programs designed by a passionate team in Egypt. We coach kids and parents to live a life full of balance and through our programs we reduce any gaps between them.

Our team is 150 people strong and they operate the camps through Winter, Spring and Summer.

My dream is to provide Firewalks for the whole family. It will be a powerful experience for families to pass through the fire together. They will build empowering beliefs, knowing that together they can overcome any obstacles they face.

Beyond EG is an experiential learning and life coaching company that develops New Generations and organisations into independent, responsible and successful entities.

What is your favourite thing about operating Beyond EG?

I love making connections with the kids. It is very rewarding to see them grow and know that they have the power to create a better future for themselves and their communities.

What has been the most surprising thing about operating Beyond EG?

I always knew that we could make a huge positive impact on society with our work. But I was still really surprised at the great, and unexpected feedback, that we received after our first event. It super-charged me with more commitment and enthusiasm for what we are doing.

What’s your favourite story from one of your events?

One of the kids, Rayan who was only 6 years old, joined the camp. He refused to engage with the camp and would not let his Dad leave. So, I just sat down and talked with him. We talked for about an hour and I loved his imagination. I got him to imagine that he will enjoy the camp, and this led him to imagine that he was on another planet and the coaches are from mars.

It might seem a bit crazy, but it worked for him. He loved every single minute of the next 5 days. During the camp I asked him if he was ok and he said yes and thanked me for having such a great conversation with him. It was a wonderful feeling and affirmed my confidence in what I am doing as a coach.

What is your biggest piece of advice for someone wanting to start a Firewalking Business?

Don’t overthink it. If you love helping people and it touches your soul, then you have a force inside you that will lead you to build your own business. Do not push that force away.


We wish Mina and all the Team at Beyond EG many new adventures and successes building strong people and communities.

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