5 ways to deal with the Fear of Firewalking

by | Jul 22, 2018

We often hear from people that really want to Firewalk but there is a problem. As much as they love the idea of Firewalking, they are afraid to try it. Their fear of Firewalking is getting in the way of something they would love to do.

They confess, that Firewalking has been a “lifelong ambition”. A bizarre dream that they can’t understand.  They can’t begin to verbalise why they want to Firewalk. They just know they must do it. Firewalking has been on their bucket list for a long, long time, yet they still haven’t managed to do one.

Their fear of Firewalking is is holding them back!

Just Do It!

When it comes to Firewalking, my advice is always the same. Just come along anyway. What have you got to lose? You don’t have to walk on the Fire if you don’t want to. You can experience everything else and then, if it feels right, you can do the Firewalk. It’s a great night whether you Firewalk or not.

If you don’t go to a Firewalk, you are making a decision based on your Fear of Firewalking. And that fear needs to be addressed. Of course, it’s easy to keep saying, “I just haven’t got around to it yet.” There’s a straightforward way to check if this is genuine though.

Imagine there is something you really wanted to do, and you were not afraid of it. Would you keep putting it off? Would it take you months or years to get around to doing it? Most likely not. You see, that’s one of the interesting things about fears, they put excuses and reasons between us and what scares us. Fear and procrastination go hand in hand.

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”
Nelson Mandela

Feel the Fear!

It’s perfectly ok to feel afraid. However, if your fear of Firewalking prevents you from attending a Firewalk then the fear owns you. Living a life governed by fear is a life not lived. It might sound severe, but a life full of fear is debilitating.

Here are 5 ways to deal with the Fear of Firewalking

Don’t overthink it

Until you have Firewalked everything in your head about Firewalking is in your imagination. Overthinking it will increase your worry and anxiety which results in not committing.  Overthinking is the thief of Emotional Courage and you need your Emotional Courage to do something that scares you.

Act, now!

At Firewalks and Glass Walks we will often tell people that the first step is the toughest. Your first step could well be committing to attending a Firewalk. Take it now. Don’t wait. Just book yourself onto a Firewalk and the deed it done. You won’t regret. In fact, you will feel empowered for taking that step.

Invite a friend

Ask a friend to come to the Firewalk with you. There enthusiasm, commitment, and support will be of immense help to you. You will also find it harder to pull out now that you have someone else depending on your support. The very act of giving your support will also increase your courage.

Think of how good you’ll feel afterwards.

Usually when we do something that scares us we will feel proud and empowered. Our confidence gets a real boost and our determination is heightened. As you mentally prepare for your first Firewalk, focus on how great you will feel after your have done it. Thinking like this will keep you on track to your goal. You will be more determined than ever.


People walk taller after a Firewalk, especially when they have had to dig deep into their Emotional Courage. Your family, friends and colleagues will notice this. How different could your life be with your new confidence and determination? Imagine the new doors that could open for this new you!

Take the Next step