So, you want to be a Firewalking Instructor?

by | Apr 25, 2018

Deciding to become a Firewalking Instructor is a big decision and there are lots of things you might want to consider. In today’s post we are sharing some of our previous blog posts that should help you with making your decision.

We hope they prove useful and if you have any questions please ask us. We would be delighted to answer them. As we always say on out Firewalk Instructor Training Courses, there’s no such thing as a stupid question and if you are thinking it, chances are, someone else is too!

21 Reasons to Train as a Firewalking Instructor

You are bound to have you own reasons to train as a Firewalk Instructor and we can’t wait to hear them. In the meantime, here are another 21 reasons that you might not have considered.

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Firewalking Helped Change my life

Leading Firewalks and Empowerment Activities is a sure-fire way to make a significant impact on the lives of those you meet. This post is one example of how Firewalking can help change someone’s life.

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Training the best Firewalk Instructors

Here at Firewalking International we aim to train the best Firewalk Instructors. In this post you will discover how we do that and why we take that aim very seriously.

Firewalk Qualifications

There are several Firewalk Qualifications. In most cases it is simply a different name and other’s it is to do with the level of qualification. This post breaks that down for you so you know where you stand.

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Types of Firewalk Instructors

Firewalk Instructors and Master Firewalk Instructors use their qualifications and skills in diverse ways. This post explores some of the most popular ways Firewalking and Empowerment Activities are used around the Globe.

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What people expect from Firewalking Instructors

Knowing what people expect from their Firewalking Instructor is very important. Becoming a successful Firewalk Instructor mean acting on that knowledge.

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“Being a Firewalk Instructor is a way of being. It’s about attitude, action and leadership.”
Stephen Brown

Is this FIT and good fit?

Anyone can train as a Firewalk Instructor! In fact, many people take this course as a retreat or personal development journey. Making the transition to becoming a practicing Firewalk Instructor isn’t for everyone though. This post will help you figure out if the Firewalk Instructor Training (FIT) is a good fit for you.

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What happens after Firewalk Instructor Training

Everyone has their own path, and this is true of everyone that completes the Firewalk Instructor Training. The direction Firewalk Instructors take is varied. Some might never lead Firewalks and other will lead hundreds. This post will give you some insights to what might be ahead for you.

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Start your Firewalking Business

Like starting any business, starting a Firewalking Business means there’s lots to think about and a lot of fun to be had. Here we talk about some of the things you will need to think about.

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You should also have a look at the courses available at The Business of Firewalking. Or consider taking a license with us. Both options will take away a lot of the hard work and give you a framework for launching an exceptional Firewalking Business.

Leading your first Firewalk

Everyone remembers their first Firewalk and every Firewalk Instructor remembers the first Firewalk they led. This post is great for gaining an insight to what that can be like.

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Wisdom for Firewalk Instructors

In this post James shared some sparks of wisdom from years of experience. This is a great post for Firewalk Instructors and those who want to become Firewalk Instructors.

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Firewalking without training

If you are considering leading Firewalks without the proper training, you should read this. That said, if you are reading this article it is highly unlikely you would want to cut corners – we hope!

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Different Firewalk Instructor Schools

Yip, we know, there are a lot of Firewalk Instructor Schools out there. Here we share a few insights as to why there are so many and what they have in common.

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Inspirational Photographs

Finally, we will leave you with some great inspirational photographs from different Firewalk Instructor Training Courses.

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